The Nelson Place - Your Special Occasion Place!
*  The Nelson Place can accommodate several hundred people on the grounds and in the home.
*  Gardens, ponds, arbor, pool, location for a band...are a few of our features.
*  Fashionable decor eleminates your need to decorate. (However, you are welcome to add your special touch!)
*  Bride room and groom room are provided.
*  The home has many beautiful settings for photos.
*  Ample parking is available on site.                                                    
The Beautiful Features of
The Nelson Place
Prices: May vary according to your needs.
$1200.00 to rent home and grounds for a wedding or a reception.
$150.00-350.00 to rent home and grounds for any other occasion.
Tables and chairs for 100 guests are free of charge. 
Linen may be rented for $250.00. 
Please call or email us for more information.
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